Friday, August 26, 2011

Feelin' Fab Friday Blog Hop

Welcome to my post for the Feelin' Fab Friday Blog Hop!   It's been a rough week for my Fibromyalgia, but I've been trying to take care of myself and keep moving forward.  I've been a bit of a lazy blogger, but tomorrow's photo story is super special and I'm very excited to be sharing it with  you.  The kids are back to school and so we'll have a bit more of a schedule for the next few months.  Summer is always a mess and I'm really looking forward to Autumn.

This week I decided to cut back on meat.  I wouldn't say that I'm going completely vegetarian, but meat is going to play a much smaller role in our family meals than it has in the past three years.  The last time I removed meat from my diet I steadily lost weight.  I'm really hoping that this will be the case again.  My kids laughed at me and pointed out the TV commercial that says "when moms on a health kick everyone's on a health kick."  Well, yes, it's kinda of true in our house.  However, when I made our menu plan for the week I was able to do 5 out of 7 days meatless and no one complained.   I was also able to alter some of our family favorites so that the flavors were still the same even without using meat.  I cook a lot of Mexican and Italian dishes, so it's not that hard to create a fabulous meatless meal. I hope that this small change in our diet helps my entire family start to feel a little more fab!

Please take a minute to link up your blog post about what makes you feel fab.  A couple of friends and I started this hop as a way to share weight loss tips and tricks and just some ways to feel fab each and every day.  We certainly hope you're feeling fab while enjoying this weekly hop!!

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