Friday, August 19, 2011

Feelin' Fab with a Glass of Wine

IMG_0820It's been a really hard summer for trying to "Feel Fab", and I know that I'm not the only Blog Hop member that's struggling to maintain their positive outlook.  A myriad of medical conditions, some bothersome, and some joyful have been plaguing our hoppers.  However yesterday on the ABC evening news I heard a story that gave me a little hope.  Hope, that even though I haven't been getting to the gym, and decided not to walk the Halloween 5K, that perhaps one of my habits could prove useful. 

According to a report in the March 8 Archives of Internal Medicine, wine may help fight weight gain in women.  Ahhh the beauty of the French Paradox, eat rich food, drink beautiful wines, stay young an vital until you die.  According to this study women who drank 5 to 30 grams of alcohol daily (there's about 15 grams in 5 oz of wine) have a lower rate of becoming obese.  Hrmmm... perhaps I should have started drinking in my early 20's like the rest of my friends.  For folks like me, who are already obese, wine is probably not going to be a magic bullet to aid in weight loss.  However this isn't the only study that has show wine to be beneficial to your health.  Wines (especially deep red ones) are excellent sources antioxidants and resveratrol which is key in preventing damage to blood vessels, preventing blot clots and reducing "bad" cholesterol. Even the doctors at the Mayo Clinic agree that Red Wine in moderation is good for your heart.  The key,  as with so many thinks is moderation.

So go ahead.  Pour that glass of wine.  It's not a magic pill, nor will it drop pounds off of your frame but you can feel good in taking a few minutes to yourself each day and enjoying the healthy benefits of a guilty pleasure.  Feel fab...

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Wine Disclaimer:  This information is intended for those of legal drinking age, and is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way to be used as medical advice. The author advocates moderation and caution when drinking and this post is in no way intended to promote binge-drinking, alcoholism, underage drinking, hazing, drunk driving, or any other form of alcohol abuse

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