Monday, August 29, 2011

The Green Album: Review

Erik and his Magical StarErik is a big fan of the Muppets, so last week I asked him to download the new album so that he could let you all know his thoughts.  He was more than happy to have a listen! ~Kristen

This Must be the year of The Muppets. Later this year (Thanksgiving weekend to be specific) we will see a brand new Muppet Movie after almost a decade. First, however, is a new Muppet Album. The Green Album, it's official title, is a compilation of some of the most loved Muppet Songs from the TV Show and previous Muppet Movies. The Green Album includes such favorites as; The Muppet Show Theme, Half-way Up the Stairs, Mahna Mahna, and Rainbow Connection. But these are not your parents Muppets, as the songs are re-sung and re-imagined by some of today's hottest artists. The Muppet Theme Song is sung by OK Go, while Moving Right Along is sung by Alkaline Trio.

Many of the Green Album's renditions are very traditional remakes of the originals, holding close to the song and music. The re-imaginings though may take a Muppet lover a little to get used to. Take a listen to OK Go's view of the Muppet Theme:

It is a very techno electronic version with eclectic riffs and lots of speed variations. On the album, it doesn't really work very well. But, in the video (which you just watched above, right?) it's really a lot of fun!

I the long run I think that these types of compilation albums can be risky. Purists tend to dislike them, because they want to hear Kermit sing Rainbow Connection, not Wheezer.

A full track listing for Muppets: The Green Album is available for purchase on iTunes. I also noticed this morning that it's available for a limited time at your local Starbucks.  So go ahead, grab a little green album with your Latte, and take home your favorite friends.

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