Monday, August 22, 2011

I Worried Less: OnStar On Board

OnStar Reflection

They say that often you don't really notice something until it's gone, and that was absolutely the case for me this past week. I have had the pleasure of driving around in a fantastic GMC Acadia Denali, a fully loaded luxury SUV that took my breath away with it's grace and comfort. This is the first car that I've driven in a good 15 years that hasn't been a mini-van and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. However before I offer you an in depth review of the Acadia, I wanted to talk about what was missing during my drives this week. Worry & Stress. Gone was the worry and stress that I usually feel when I'm out on the road. Worry and stress that I didn't even realize I had until it was missing.

Yes, I'm a worrier by nature, and not all of my fears are rational, but as the main driver in my household I'm on the road quite a bit running errands and being the typical Mom's Taxi. It turns out when I leave the house I'm constantly worrying about my vehicle. It's getting old and I listen intently to any new sound or rattle it develops, my mind races with fear that it may break down. Can I take a turn? Will I get lost? Will I get a flat tire? Will I get in an accident? Can I fix it? Are the kids with me? Am I in a safe area? Who could I call if I need help? While driving the Acdadia I didn't worry about any of it, because I had OnStar on board.

30 different GM vehicles offer the OnStar system. OnStar is help that you can count on when you need it most. A little blue button that connects you to an Advisor that knows where you are and what services are nearby. OnStar Advisors can help you get through virtually any situation no matter if you need directions to the nearest ice cream parlor, or emergency assistance. Our experience connecting to  OnStar Advisors for navigation assistance showed them to be friendly and helpful. OnStar  is more than just a friendly voice on the other end that can help you get to your location, it has offered Automatic Crash Response and Roadside Assistance that has helped more than 346 million users since 1996. 

With it's mobile App it can keep you and your car connected in even greater ways.   OnStar's App lets you lock and unlock your doors, start your vehicle remotely, view real time information about fuel, check milage, oil life and access all yoour account information in the palm of your hand.  In addition to this  OnStar will monitor you cars vital systems and send you an email with a personalized report to let you know how your car is working and give you links for easy service appointments is something is wrong.  While I was visiting a friend this past week, she even regaled me with a story of how  OnStar found and helped the police recover her car when it was stolen.  

OnStar IS Peace of Mind.

I never realized how much I worry about being out in the car until that was all gone. With OnStar as my companion I was able to relax and just enjoy my ride.

Disclainer: GMC provided me with an Acadia Denali for the week to test drive and review. All opinions and experiences expressed in this review are entirely my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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