Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disney's Magical Express

My luggage tags came!  I know it seems silly but it's one of the guideposts on the path to vacation that makes you know you're almost there.  It's the day that that your Magical Express tags come.

What is Magical Express you ask?  Guests staying "on property" at Disney Resorts receive complimentary transportation from Orlando International Airport to their hotel.  It's one of the special perks of being a WDW Resort guest.  I can hear you now, "A bus, how quaint."  It's more than a bus though, it's complete luggage handling, which for me is a HUGE plus.


When you make a Disney Magical Express reservation, you give the agent all of your flight information. Then, about a month before your vacation is scheduled you will get your Magical Express package in the mail. It might seem like a pretty standard piece of mail, however inside are your transportation vouchers, and some very magical luggage tags. The bright yellow tags are have a barcode with your resort and flight information. By placing the tag around your luggage handles before checking it at your departure point that little yellow tag makes sure that the next time you see it is in your hotel room that evening.

When you arrive in Orlando you can proceed right to the bus, no messing around at the baggage claim.  Just continue through the terminal towards the Magical Express Transportation Desk on your way to the Walt Disney World Resort.   Disney will collect your bags and make sure that they get to your room before the end of the night.


Those beautiful, comfortable buses with Mickey's smiling face on the side take you to your resort.  I enjoy watching out the window, but I've had some great conversations with other travelers, and my kids truly enjoy watching the Disney videos that are played on the way.  By taking care of my ground transportation and luggage handling Disney alleviates stress and lets me relax to enjoy my vacation.  It's just another way that Disney makes my vacation one of the happiest on earth.

Do you use Magical Express, rent a car, or book a limo from the airport for your transportation needs?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Thank you so much for this. You just answered all of the silly questions I had! My boyfriend and I are using this service for the first time in december. I am so excited. And all of my silly questions were answered, like when will my tags get here. Do we REALLY not have to worry about luggage? And more! Thanks so much