Monday, September 5, 2011

Peppe Nero Beer Review

Here at DVC Mom's Traveler we've been gearing up to bring you to bring you an October full of Epcot's Food & Wine Festival Goodness.  It's my favorite time of year at the Walt Disney World Resort and I hope to share as much of the fun as possible.  You all know that I'm a wine girl, and I've got more Vin-tastic reviews coming your way, soon.  However, I've been hearing from the menfolk and they want beer! I've talked with some of our contributors and they've agreed to step up to the plate and share some brews with you! (LoL... not that I had to twist anyone's arm on this one.)

Monday is going to be our day for "Beersome Buddies", with an afternoon offering for you to enjoy.  In addition, Geordon has offered to drink his way around World Showcase on vacation to make sure that beer is well represented for our fabulous foodie fall.   Today Erik is sharing a unique craft beer he found locally.  I hope that you enjoy this new feature! ~Kristen


Pepe Nero is a specialty beer created by the good folks at Goose Island Brewery in Chicago Illinois. This beer is classified as a Saison; which was originally a low-alcohol beer given to the Belgian farmers during the summer planting season.  Saisons seem to be much more popular here in the states, where the style has experienced a comeback over the years.

Visually speaking, this beer has a wonderfully dark brown color, like burnt sugar. It pours very smoothly from the bottle with just the right amount of “bubbles” giving it a very subtle head. As I normally tend to drink stouts the aroma of this Belgian-style beer was the first thing that I noticed. While the hops are obviously center stage, the definitely aren’t overpowering to the rest of the scents, as a very complex set of aromas can be picked out. First is the fruitiness, having the same general profile as most stone fruits maybe an apricot. I was also able to pick out a gentle hint of bacon, cooking fresh in a skillet. Last, but certainly not least, is the spicy hint of peppercorns. This is no surprise, however, as the brewing process includes peppercorns. This pepperi-ness gives the entire bouquet a wonderfully subtle spice that doesn’t overwhelm any of the other aromas.

Flavor-wise, the beer is very smooth on the palette. The hops give it a very bright, refreshing start that finishes of a little fruity and peppery. This medium to full bodied beer is the perfect complement to heavy, meaty, porky dishes. It paired very well with a spicy marinara sauce I had for dinner the night I sampled it. As an unusual idea, this beer would make an excellent breakfast beer: Bacon and eggs, sausage biscuits and gravy, even a nice hamsteak. It’s this overall, refreshing quality that easily balances with an strong, pork flavors. All in all, it was a very worthwhile dining beer.

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