Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lunch at the Disney Dream's Enchanted Garden

Erik and I boarded the Disney Dream in awe, properly announced as we strolled into the Grand Atruim. The glitz and glamor was all around and I was more than a little disoriented in this location that I had never been to before.  We were fairly hungry and had no idea how lunches went on board the ship.  After stopping to take pictures in the lobby we headed to the line at the elevators where a cheerful cast member directed us to what would be our culinary destination for the afternoon, The Enchanted Garden.

Cupid Mickey Fountain

As we walked down the corridor into the room we were greeted by many cast members waiting to serve us and push wet naps into our hands.  They all smiled brightly and welcomed us on board. We continued moving forward with the rest of the disoriented travelers being herded on down the hall.  Finally we were met by the gentleman that would show us past the beautiful Mickey Cupid fountain and on to our table with crisp white damask linens and gleaming stemware. It was nice to sit down for a moment and try to get my bearings in the new environment.  The room was lovely and welcoming.

Enchanted Garden Seating

Our server greeted us and took our drink orders, then directed us across the room to lunch, which was served buffet style.  There were so many choices available,  I had a generous salad, baguette and penne tossed in a spicy tomato sauce. Erik opted for buffet choices that were a little heartier.  Both of us were pleased with the numerous offerings and their flavors.

Lunch Selections

I was still feeling a little disoriented in this new experience, and could feel the engines rumbling beneath my feet while standing on the marble floor.  Erik didn't seem to notice the motion.  For me the dessert case was a welcome sight and I chose a delicious Strawberry Tart.

Enchanted Garden Dessert Selections Strawberry Tart, Lunch

I didn't feel rushed at all while we ate lunch, but I was anxious to find our cabin and get settled in, so we didn't stay long at the Enchanted Garden. It was a fabulous start to the Cruise, though slightly disorienting for someone who had never experienced it before. I think that next time I'll be able to relax and just go with the flow as we start off our second Disney Cruise with a magical lunch buffet.

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