Monday, September 26, 2011

Organizing my Travel Documents

Today I'm organizing my travel documents. For a decade I simply kept everything in my Passporter PassPockets. However over the past year, since keeping my Itinerary on TripIt, I've been experiment with alternative methods of trip organization. I bought a generic travel document case from Target, and have been using it to hold my documents. The case is large enough to keep everything together, but small enough to tuck in my purse or in the front of my carry-on bag.

My Document Case Contents:
Once I have everything that goes in the case together I organize the documents by day. I then paperclip it together and stick e post-it on the envelope, marked with which day I'll need it.
Documents Organized by Day

On the side of the case with the card pockets I keep extra ID, club membership cards, and emergency credit cards, and a spare checkbook.
ID, Club Cards, Insurance, Xtra Money, Checkbook

All of my day "packets" get gathered together and slipped into the right hand file pocket.  Once we're at the hotel I pull the packet for the day that I need day and have everything I need ready to go.  I drop the day's packet into my purse, and then I stick the document case into our room safe.  Once it's locked up away we go!  Every morning I  pop into the safe and can quickly grab the packet for that day.
Inside Ready to Go!

On the days that we're in transport (arrival day and departure day usually) I slip what we will need into an outer pocket. This is usually Airline Tickets and Magical Express Vouchers, and a Travel Day food money envelope.
Transport Docs in Front Pocket

This method has been working pretty well for me the past year, though my actual document case needs a little tweaking.   In addition to what's in here, I also keep a record of everything on my iPhone, just in case.   So, that's it!  You now know how I organize my travel documents.  How do you keep everything together when traveling?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you use.  If you know where I can get a nicer document holder than my pink one, I would love to know that  too!

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