Friday, September 2, 2011

Planning What to Wear on Vacation

Kristen & Great Pat 1981The woman in this picture with me today is my Aunt Pat, she can likely be credited with most of who I am today, and without a doubt can be given the credit for the gigantic Disney fan that I am.  My travels with her to Walt Disney World and Disneyland are some of my best childhood memories. Pat, believed in travel as a luxury.  It was an event that was prepared for with a new wardrobe, a study of culture, and reminders of etiquette. With Pat, travel was "old school." 

Yesterday I began trip preparation for our Food & Wine Festival trip.  With 26 days to go, I knew that I had to get into the closets and figure out what we would be wearing on witch day.  Because I pack o look good in pictures, I generally pack for everyone traveling.  On this trip that includes my husband (HurricaneDad411), and I knew that he would need a few new things.   I wasn't sure of the state of my wardrobe, so planning now would give me enough time to take care of the details without a last minute rush and panic. So I pulled out my spreadsheet (yes, there's a spreadsheet for vacation) and got to work! 

Step One:  First I take an overview of the vacation plans.  To get an idea of what's needed keep in mind the number of days (will you wear a new outfit every day or repeat?), weather (this can very greatly depending on time of year), park atmosphere (is it a holiday or special event?), dining reservations (signature dining has a dress code), and photography (outfits that look nice, coordinate and won't date the picture).
F&W Festival Spreadsheet
Looking at my spreadsheet for this trip you can see, I need 6 days worth of of outfits.  My "default" style on vacation is Resort Casual because it photographs well and looking nice is never out of style.  In addition one outfit must go from theme park to signature dining, and one needs to go from meet & greet to Halloween Costume. I also enjoy the romantic the atmosphere of Epcot in the evening and chose to "dress up" for opening night of the Food & Wine Festival.

Step Two: Lay out "outfits" for the photography focal point. Since I'm the one that's picky in our house, I plan my outfits and the rest of the family coordinates with me. This trip is easy because there are just two of us.  Laying out the outfits all together can be an important step in making sure that you have everything you need.  For instance I remembered that this shirt is very thin cotton and needs a camisole beneath it. 

Step Three: Coordinate other travelers clothes. Coordinating your clothes does not mean that you wear the same things or have to be "matchy".  It means that if you're photographed together you're not going to clash, you will look like you belong together.

These are the outfits for Foodie Fest and MNSSHP.  You can see that we coordinate (the tan of his outfit picks up on the tan in my skirt, and I may get him a burnt orange t-shirt) but we're not "matchy".  These outfits will also easily turn into a gypsy look and Indiana Jones for the Halloween Party by adding a few simple accessories, like a hip scarf for me and a hat for Geordon.

Step Four: Create a list of anything that may be missing from your wardrobe.  Geordon needs a couple of tee shirts and I need a camisole, but overall we have enough clothes. Once I know what we have I look at our schedule and see where that look set will fit in best and make a note of it on the spreadsheet (bottom row).

I haven't started packing yet, but I know exactly what I have, what I need to buy, and what will eventually be going into the suitcase.  When the time comes to get it into our bags, I'll just check my spreadsheet and packing becomes a breeze.  And yes...  I may very well be more than a little OCD about it.

What's your packing style?  Do you plan, or throw whatever is clean in a bag and head out the door?

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