Friday, September 9, 2011

Talk Like A Never Land Pirate!

Pirate Mom
Disney Junior has climbed on board with a a ton of swashbuckling fun planned to celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

Today!  September 9th, you can head over to the "Talk Like A Never Land Pirate Day" micro-site!  A fun and piratey way for fans to "create and share their own animated videos of their favorite "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" characters using different pirate sayings, sound effects and backdrops."  Once you and your little bucaneers are done creating,  you can post your pirate video to be showcased in an online gallery.  What a great way to entertain the crew and get ready for the bog event.

September 19th is the big day!! "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" will take over Disney Junior with a full day of pirate programming and the debut of a brand new episode, "Captain Hook's Parrot/Skybird Island Is Falling" (8:30 – 9:00 a.m., ET/PT).  "In the new episode, Jake and his crew use teamwork and quick thinking to rescue Skully from the clutches of Captain Hook and save Skybird Island from falling when Captain Hook tries to take all the leaves from the island's Golden Tree." I've had a sneak peek at the show and it's fantastic!

Monday, September 19th on Disney Junior
So do what you want 'cause a Pirate is free!

Pirate Concert P.s. On Tuesday, September 20th you can sing like a Pirate too!  The television soundtrack will be released so you and your little crew can sing along to the Never Land Band's greatest hits!  Loren Hoskins and Kevin  Hendrickson have a piratey good time as their animated alter egos Sharky and Bones, who pop up and sing pirate "ditties" in every episode of the show.  The "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" CD (18 swashbuckling songs) includes fan favorites like "Tick Toc Croc", "Yo Ho Mateys Away", and "Talk Like a Pirate"! 

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