Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cocktails at Mizners for Wine Wednesday

Cocktails at Mizners

Cocktails at Mizner's Lounge is one of my favorite Walt Disney World Traditions. On this past trip I had the Kir Royale cocktail.  The Kir Royale is a flute of the premier french cuvée Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut with a splash of Chambord.  The cocktail was bubbly and sweet, though had a slight medicinal note to it.  None the less it was enjoyable and refreshing.

The second cocktail you see in the picture was the Raspberry Rain, and was my husband's drink.  To me, it tasted like a Capri Sun.  Very bright and fruity with no notes of the alcohol what so ever.  Geordon found it to be very refreshing.  This is an excellent  cocktail for people who don't care for the taste of alcohol.

With  the live Jazz Band playing from 4PM-10PM in the Lobby Mizner's Lounge is a fantastic place to stop in for a drink before dinner, or after a long day at the park.  Service is good, as are the cocktails, and the wine list is fantastic.  Stop in on your next trip for a little bit of magic. 

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