Friday, October 7, 2011

Dinner at The San Angel Inn in Epcot

IMG_1533Though we spent the morning snacking, sipping, and strolling our way around World Showcase I thought we would enjoy a romantic dinner at the Mexico Pavilion's San Angel Inn.  Located inside the pavilion's pyramid, the atmosphere is that of a 17th Century hacienda.  It's always a perfect evening at the Inn as you sit on the patio next to the river of time.  The San Angel Inn has recently updated it's menu and brought the flavors in line with the modern traditional foods served at the landmark Restaurante San Angel Inn  in Mexico City. I was really looking forward to tasting the new food.

We arrived an hour earlier than our ADR and asked if we could be seated sooner.  The friendly cast members were able to get us in in about 10 minutes. We were lead through the darkness and sat down close enough to the river that we could see the boats passing by.  It was very crowded and noisey, I was amazed that people weren't tripping all over the place.

Geordon ordered a Blood Orange Margarita, which he enjoyed very much.  I on the other hand had trouble with beverages.  I can't drink tequila, so all of the cocktails were out.  I ordered iced tea, they brought me sprite, when I got my tea it was sweetened.  They told me that they only serve sweet tea, which I don't drink.  I was going to give up and stick with water, but Geordon ordered me a diet coke.

San Angel Inn Appetizer IMG_1542
For an appetizer, I ordered the Tacos de Chorizo con Papa, which was the highlight of my meal. Part of the new menu these puffy fried corn cakes were topped with chorizo, fresh salsa verde, queso fresco, and sour cream.  Delicious, and I thought enough to be a meal on their own.  If you make a reservation at the San Angel Inn, be sure to order these.  Geordon ordered soft tacos, and said that my appetizer was much better.

I ordered the Carne Asada for my entree, it came with rice, beans and grilled peppers.  The steak was tough and it was unbelievably underwhelming.  Geordon was more adventurous and had the Snapper a la Veracruzana, which is a grilled fillet of snapper served over rice with capers, olives, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.  He thought that it was good, but nothing spectacular.

I didn't order Dessert, but Geordon had crepes with a fantastic caramel sauce.  I must admit as stuffed as I was I had a couple spoonfuls of the caramel and would have happily licked the plate if I could have.

I had hoped three things from this restaurant.  I hoped the meal would be quiet, romantic, and air conditioned. Ultimately, it was air conditioned.  The food was good enough, but it was so dark and really crowded, the service was spotty and I was pretty happy to leave.

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