Monday, October 24, 2011

Lessons from 2011 #DisneySMMoms

Social Media Moms!Back in March I was honored to attend the second Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  It was a fabulous business conference that helped in huge ways to kick this blog into gear.  For four days I was surrounded not only by all the fantastic magic that Disney was sharing, but some of the most respected moms in the blogging community as well as some of the most incredible Disney Bloggers on the web.  The experience was a dream come true and I hope so much that I'm able to attend again next year.

Attending the conference was a fabulous opportunity, and a lot of fun, but what's truly important about attending a business conference, is that you take something away with you.  No, I'm not talking about the bags of swag.  I'm talking about knowledge.  So what did I learn from attending Social Media Moms Celebration?  Something that we all need to be reminded of now and again.

As "Mom Bloggers" our reputations are somewhat tenuous.  But why is that?  One of our speakers was the phenomenal Chris Brogan, and he suggested that "The mom blog sphere is unique in its cattiness." That we often act as if we're crabs in a barrel.  The crab in a barrel spends more time concerned with the other crabs trying to get out and pulling them back down, than he  does trying to climb out of the barrel himself.  The crab will envy your success and goes out of his way to try to hold you back.  In doing so, no crab ever makes it to the top and out of the barrel.

Chris reminded us that if one succeeds, that many succeed, and as our reputations as professionals grow it reflects well on the entire community.  It doesn't take much for one careless post to bring an entire section of the community's reputation crashing down.   We must post with care and consideration, and not let envy or careless slights run off with our better judgement.  As a community that strives to interact with the business community and greater public, we are responsible to each other for our reputations.

Traci & JL Ashley, Traci & Kristen
We're all mad! @MamaofallTrades & @DisneyGoToGirl
AJ, Geordon, Mark, Sid & Libby Zanna, Sid, Andrew & Nicole
Faith, Kathy & Kristen Jackie, Ivana Dream & Kriste

Chris told us that instead we should "Raise Others Up" and I took it to heart.  Above are just a few of the other bloggers that I like to celebrate, they are by no means the only ones.  They are my community, my friends and my family.   I try not to envy their successes, but call attention to them, and let the greater community know when someone is doing something great.  I am incredibly proud of what some of my friends and collegues have accomplished recently.  The Disney blogging community continues to grow in size and spirit, and it is full of some of the most amazing people who I want only the best for.  As a community we need to raise up the people working hard to make their dreams come true, and as we share in their accomplishments we can still strive for our own.

When you raise others up, 
you are raised up yourself.

Disclaimer:  I paid to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I was not asked to write about the events, all opinions are my own.

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