Monday, October 31, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

GuideIt's been such a long week and I was laid low with a terrible flu.  My apologies if your tweets and emails have gone unanswered, I'm working as fast as I can to catch up and get back on track so that I can continue to bring you the posts and Disney coverage that you're used to from me.  I'm honored (and oh so thankful) to have @Disneybigsis, Heather Nichols, back with us today to continue celebrating Halloween at Disneyland! 


It may be fall time at Disneyland to me, but to Mickey and friends it’s Halloween Time. One of our favorite things to do is attend Mickey’s Halloween Party. As a family we have been fortunate to party with Mickey at Walt Disney World and in Disneyland. In my opinion this year’s party at Disneyland has been their best yet. My husband and I had a fantastic time and actually closed the park down! We didn’t want to leave- even more than usual.

When we entered the party I was looking through the special party map because I wanted to be sure to get some Halloween specific PhotoPass pictures. There were several character locations with many different characters and some landmark areas set up for pictures too. This year we decided to get our picture taken with Jack Skellington and Sally, and also with the catrinas for Dia de los Muertos. The line for Jack and Sally was quite long but it was so much fun chatting with everyone in line and checking out all of the amazing costumes. I am always inspired by how creative people are when it comes to their costumes. The wait for Jack was worth it, as when we approached him he bowed and greeted me by name! That was truly spooktacular!


During the party there is Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade. It’s a “cavalcade,” not a full parade like at the Magic Kingdom. There is no Headless Horseman or dancing gravediggers at Disneyland, but Mickey and friends are dressed to impress. It’s fun to see dressed up pumpkins glide by with some of our favorite friends dancing and singing as they go by. It may be short, but it’s a whole lot of colorful fun.

Parade Costume Shop
Dau of the Dead

This may be hard to believe, but I’m not a fireworks person. There, I said it. I know. How could I not be with my love of Disney? I don’t know. However, for these Halloween Party fireworks I would even stake out a patch of sidewalk! To me Halloween Screams are the “can’t miss” fireworks of the year. They are hosted by Jack Skellington and are only on party nights. On this night guests are treated to Jack’s pal Zero taking flight over the castle and a special inflated ball where Jack Skellington and other images are appear. I enjoy these fireworks so much I bought the Magic Kingdom Event Party Music soundtrack. So next year if you are standing next to someone who is heartily singing along it may just be me.

Dark Sleeping Beauty Castle
Jack Skellington

What kind of a Halloween party would it be if there wasn’t any trick or treating? There were several treat areas through out with three to four treat stands in them. There was lots of yummy candy to be passed out. My husband refers to it as the “good kind” -meaning chocolate. If you aren’t into chocolate there were fruit snacks, raisins and such. We trick or treated for about twenty minutes, and my bag was overflowing with all sorts of candy.

At the end of the party my husband and I, hand in hand, reluctantly made our way down Main Street. I enjoyed shopping for special merchandise that can only be purchased during the party. I chose to buy a Mickey’s Halloween Party 2011 t-shirt and a pin for my mom. I started dreaming of next year’s party and sneaking tootsie rolls out of my husbands candy bag (let’s just keep that last part between us, ok). We had an amazing time and hope to create many more memories at Mickey’s Halloween parties.

Giant Pumpkin

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