Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thoughts From Vacation

Good morning everyone!!

We're having a fantastic time on vacation.  It's been packed with fun and excitement, however I've been running around like crazy and my fibromyalgia is going crazy.  Pain is my constant companion at this point, and I'm completely relying on an ECV to get around. Right now I rent them from Disney, but the fees are killing me!  I really need to rethink my strategy for our June tip.  I've considered renting one from an off site company, it will cut the price in half for me.  That would mean relying on the Disney buses though.  Oy Vey, so many things to think about when touring with chronic pain!
ECV's at Epcot Waiting to Go Touring for the Day!
Yestrday I had so much amazing fun! I can't wait to get it all written down to share with you. Jackie Gailey and I had an amazing tour of the Disney Events Group Offices. You can barely call them offices though, such and amazing creative environment!! AThe moment you walk through the door you're sprinkled with pixie dust.  I have a ton of information to share with you from that tour, we met a Fairy Godmother, who swore us in as deputies, watched footage of some amazing events Disney has thrown, saw invitations, props, photography, entertainers, costuming, and so much more! Guess what!?! It seems that at Disney Events there is always MORE! And every bit of it is guest driven entertainment fabulousness. Did you know that 60% of the work done by Disney Floral and Gifts is completely custom?  Don't like what you see on the site?  Just ask!  The friendly dream makers would be happy to make your dreams come true.  From the smallest delivery of a single rose sprinkled with pixie dust, to a completely immersive private extravaganza, if you can dream it, Disney EVents can do it!  Disney Events is your place to make dreams come true! The Dream Makers at I spent time with showed me things that I didn't even know were possible. Lots more information about that tour will be coming soon.
Jackie, Ivana Dream and Me having fun at Disney Events Group
Geordon and I are taking it easy in the hotel room for the morning and then will be off to the WDW Moms Panel Meet this afternoon for more mixing and mingling with the Disney crowd!  There were more picture uploaded to the photostream last night!

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