Thursday, November 3, 2011

Epcot's Kunstarbeit In Kristal

Tucked deep in Epcot's German Pavilion is a shop just made with your special Princess in mind. All that glitters can be found within Kunstarbeit In Kristal, where crystal jewelry by Swarovski, Princessa Plata, and Brillanti by Crystal World shimmer and illuminate the shop. They also carry fine crystal pieces by Arribas, Arnstadt, Nachtmann, and Anna Hutte.

Have you always wanted a Castle of your very own? This shop can help! You can take home the show piece of the collection, a $37,500 sparkling replica of Cinderella Castle covered from base to finial in Swarovski Crystals. The Swarovski company has been making the lead glass crystal for over 100 years and is world renowned for it's flawless quality and ground breaking industry technology.

Castle to take home Crystal Castle

If buying a castle isn't quiet in your vacation budget, every inch of this store is covered in another sparkling masterpiece. Many of the designs here have been inspired by classic Disney films that offer you an opportunity to be reminded at home of the magic. The worst part of visiting Kunstarbeit In Kristal is that my pocketbook just can't handle the stress. This store is fit for a Princess, in fact, you can even help your princess pick out a tiara here if she's in the mood. Fine jewelry is always an appropriate gift for a princess.

Crystal  Mickey  Egg Crystal Rose

There is a glass blower in the shop who works throughout the day demonstrating their artistry. The tradition of blown glass in Germany reaches far back into the middle ages, and is most known for the beautiful blown glass Christmas ornaments that we'll look at later in the month. Blown glass jewelry can make for a fantastic and charming gift for a loved one. I found these adorable blown glass cupcake charms that reminded me of Disney phenom Amanda Tinney who also has a cupcake blog.

Cupcake Charms

Kunstarbeit In Kristal is by far one my favorite shops to browse around in at Epcot, there's always something new and beautiful to see and bring home. Maybe one day I'll even have a castle... well... a girl can dream, right?

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