Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twilight in Paris - Wordless Wednesday

France Highlighted

I bought an inexpensive tripod for my last vacation with the hope of being able to get some decent night shots. Ultimately I only chose to carry the tripod for one night. I was able to get better shots than ever before, but only with a little editing in picnik. My aunt used to take beautiful shots of Disney at night back in the days when it was just her and her camera, her photo graphs were amazing. I find that today my view of what a good night shot is is skewed because most of the ones that I consider "good" have been put through a decent amount of enhancement through an editing program. Though I haven't spent much time in the French Pavilion over the last few trips I think that it is by far the most beautiful, romantic spot for a stroll and a snack at twilight.

Focused on the Magic

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