Friday, December 9, 2011

Dessert at the Contempo Cafe

Like many Disney fans, I have discovered the beauty of the many variety of cupcakes available all around Walt Disney World. Thanks to the Disney Food Blog, I even know about the brilliant Cupcake Crawl they designed designed to put you in a sugar coma by the end of the day. Sadly, I often have to skip out on the sweet goodness because I have issues with sugar. There's one cupcake however I had been wanting to go try for at least three visits and just hadn't gotten there. This was the Black Forest Cupcake at Disney's Contemporary Resort's Contempo Cafe.
Contampo Sign
Siting beneath the iconic Mary Blair Mosaic, The Contempo Cafe is located on the Grand Canyon Concourse, just to the right of the entrance to Chef Mickey's. This counter service option offers standard counter service fare of pizza and burgers, with a sound addition of the healthier items that Disney has been incorporating into their menus. The thing that struck me however was the with a wide variety of dessert options.

As I browsed the tempting offerings before me I saw it, sitting there amongst the sweet treats was the thing that we had come to the contemporary to try, the Black Forest Cupcake. My husband bought one and we headed to our seat. Contepmo Cafe seats about 114 people in the middle of the concourse, modern tables and chairs are decorated with Mickey icons. However to me, the best part is enjoying a nosh while the monorails slide by a floor above. It's a magic that I remember from my childhood that I will never tire of.

Contempo Dessert Case

At first I thought that I would have to scrape the giant mountain of frosting off of my half, but as I cut into it Geordon noticed that the center which had been hollowed out to make room for the cherries, was upside down on the main cake which created a base for the mound of vanilla buttercream frosting. Inside of the cake was a delicious tart cherry filling. You can never have enough cherry filling in my book, but it seemed to be enough to balance out the devil's food cake (which I thought was just a tad dry). I had never eaten a cupcake with a fork before, but this decadent, colossal treat was way to big to bite into and more than enough to share.

Black Forest CupcakeBlack Forest Inside

Though the Black Forest Cupcake is the only one that I tried, the Contemp Cafe' had a sweet to fit just about anyone's palette. It's well worth it to hop off of the monorail at the Contemporary in order to discover the delicious treats available at this Cafe. My husband said that he wants to try the Dos Leches next time we're there. Luckily, I booked our room at the Contemporary! Which sweet treat do you think would be your favorite? Leave me a comment below!

Red Velvet
Dos Leches
Black Forest
Dirt & Worms Dessert

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