Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Interview With Santa

What a special treat for us all today from @Disneybigsis Heather! I'm so thrill to have her on board here at DVC Mom, she continue to brings special and unique holiday warmth to all. It took a lot of effort but she went the extra miles in order to bring you this extra special holiday interview! 
DCA Santa
@FortuosityGirl and her PaPa at DCA
Everyday when I go to and from work during the Christmas season I pass one of Santa’s houses. I get to see children with an excited glow about them as they wait in line for their visit. Some of them wait with quiet anticipation and others are dancing like elves. I see some of them are dressed up in clothes they would never wear for a dare and others have hair that makes you wonder how much product is in it to keep it looking like that. Passing by Santa’s house is one of my favorite parts of my day. It got me thinking about when I was little and when I would go see Santa. I was always preoccupied with being sure that I would ask for the toy I really wanted. I began to wonder about Santa the man and what he thought of the Christmas season. I stopped in one day and asked if I could ask Santa a few questions. Thankfully, Santa took a few minutes to answer some of my questions:

Me: What is your favorite movie about you?
Santa: Well, as you know I’m pretty busy all year long so I don’t get to see too many movies. Usually the ones about me are shown during my busiest time of the year. But there is one movie that is shown over and over again on my day off after I’m done delivering presents. I really enjoy that one. I’ve delivered plenty of BB guns to boys and girls.

Me: Have you worried about them shooting their eye out?

Santa: Some, but not really.

Me: Since there are so many movies about you, which actor would you like to see portray you in a movie?
Santa: John Wayne. I think he really could keep the reindeer in order. They can be a handful at times.

PaPa & Santa
My dad w/ Santa at the Circle D Ranch in Disneyland
Me: What are the most popular toys this year?
Santa: Mostly electronic games. Like Kinect for Xbox 360. I’ll bet with your hat and your ears you would like to have the Disneyland Adventures game.

Me: What is something you want people to know about you that we may not know?
Santa: Hmmm let me think on that one for a bit. Well, when the parents place their precious child in my arms and they begin to cry I feel so bad for the child. They don’t know me yet. They’re scared. They will get to know me better in the future, but at that moment they are frightened. I give my best smile so the picture can be taken quickly and then they can be happy with their mommies and daddies.

Me: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked to bring someone for Christmas?
Santa: I think I remember the ones better where children want to help other children. Yesterday I had a little boy who wanted me to bring him his own toy factory so he could give children who didn’t have many toys new toys all year long. There was also a little girl who wanted a doctors’ office so she could help all the sick kids feel better and not be sick anymore.

As I was thanking Santa for his time and for all he has done he said to me “You haven’t asked me the most popular question.” I laughed knowing what question he meant. A little nervous for his answer I asked it anyway. He answered with a ho, ho, ho and twinkle in his eye.

Me: Is there always time to get off the naughty list?
Santa: Yes, but mind you it might not take effect until the next year!

Um, I don't want this in my stocking!

As I left Santa’s house I continued to think on past Christmases and even though many things have changed since I was a little girl some things have remained the same. This is still a busy time for all of us, especially Santa. However, whether you get to visit him at a Disney park or on your very own Main Street he is always happy to see you and hear your Christmas wish. I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. May you be found on the nice list, your stockings be full, and your dreams be pixie dusted.

Heather & Hannah at the North Pole
All the Holiday Best from @DisneyBigSis and @FortuosityGirl

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