Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My alarm was set to go off at 2am, however I guess that I was to excited to sleep because I woke up at 1am. Seriously, my husband hadn't even gone to sleep yet. So, I hopped into the shower and started to get ready. The Town Car will be here at 3am (CST) to take us to the airport where Tori and I will meet up with Bekah. We'll be on the ground in MCO by 9:30 (EST)!! WHoo hoo!!

Tori just started a pot of coffee for us. Hoorah for Coffee!

I need this vacation so badly and it's finally here! On the Schedule today is Lunch at Earl of Sandwich, Shopping at Downtown Disney, checking int our Global Resort Home, and Dinner at the amazing California Grill. There may possibly even be some fireworks thrown into the mix there at the end.

Stay tuned... it just gets better!

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