Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Stop in the French Quarter

We stayed at the Clarion Inn and Suites last night in New Orleans.  It wasn't the luxury boutique hotel that I wanted, but the room was clean, comfortable and ours.  That was awesome because it was super cold last night (in the 50s with a high wind chill).  We didn't go out to "dba" to see John Boutte, by the time we got to the hotel around 7:30PM we were so exhausted we just ordered pizza and went to bed. It had been a looong day, and the combination of waking up at 1am and the walk around  the French Quarter was exhausting.  I figure that the Jazz isn't going anyplace and we can come back.

I really love it here.  Music, art and culture seethes from the very ground you walk on in the French Quarter it's a little like Disney only dirtier, grittier, and with drunk college kids everywhere.  I ate Beignets and had coffee at the original Cafe du Monde'.  The line we stood in was sort of like waiting in queue for Soarin' at Epcot.  LoL!  The walking tour we took was a jaunt through Jazz History.  We saw Preservation Hall, Congo Square, and New Orleans Cemetery #1.  We made a brief stop at the oldest continuing serving bar in America once owned by Pirate Jean Lafitte.  We covered so much ground and there's so much I still want to see (and eat!) that we'll have to go back.  The building are so old, and so beautiful in the Quarter.  The Ironwork balconies drip with flowers and it's simply magical.   My one regret is that we didn't get back out for dinner at Emeril's.  That's so on the list for next time!  Just like in Disney you just can't see everything here all  in one trip.

I had a 1/4 of a hurricane at Pat O'Briens and it kicked me on my butt!!  Seriously 1/4 of a drink and I wasn't seeing straight.  I can put away some Italian Margaritas, but I didn't even finish half of my "orignal" Hurricane.  I had expected Pat's to be sort of gross, because it's one of those places that all the tourists go, but it was really beautiful and the pianos are covered in copper. The themeing was fantatic.

If anyone is interested I uploaded our Nola Photos to Flickr last night.  I haven't had time to tag or title anything yet though.

2012 New Orleans Photo Set

We board the cruise ship in a couple of hours so I'll be offline.  See you next week!!

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