Thursday, April 12, 2012

For the Love of Minnie

I love shopping at TrenD! It's a fun, grown up, fashion forward shop that always has so much more than I can buy at once! On my last trip to TrenD I found some marvelous Minnie Mouse gear that I just had to share with you. So out came the camera and I started snapping away! Do you shop at TrenD? I find it to have one of the largest selections of Disney Dooney's on Property as well as the Harvey's for Disney Couture.

What do you think about this new "Skinny Minnie" that has been seen around? Not only have I seen her at the Parks, but she also made an appearance last year across the country at Forever 21. Do you think it's a good idea to turn Minnie Mouse into a starving model? I must say... I'm not a fan.

This trip brought me great purse love! I'd seen the Minnie Mouse Harvey Bags online and just thought them "OK." However, after seeing them in person at TrenD, I can say that I am totally in love! I wish I had the funds to snap up that Minnie Mouse Lola bag with it's cute polka dots and ruffles, it's just about the sweetest thing ever!


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