Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Truly Comfortable Car: The Buick Enclave

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of test driving a Buick Enclave as I drove five DeMolay Teenagers to Basketball Weekend in Springfield, Illinois. When I picked up the car I was immediately taken with the curvy figure, leather seating surfaces, mahogany-inlaid steering wheel, and plenty of legroom.
Buick Enclave-exterior
Because of my Fibromyalgia hitting the road can be very difficult. Sitting in one position for more than a couple of hours tends to put a lot of undue stress on my body. Because of this our family rarely drives anywhere that’s more than about 3 hours away. When Buick said that they had a car for me, I was doubtful at first, my drive would be a total of 8 hours in only about 36.  Could they really have made a vehicle so comfortable that even I could drive without pain?  Well, I doubt no more because the luxury and comfort of the Buick Enclave gave me the best road trip that I’ve had in years.

I truly enjoyed having OnStar in a car again. It’s one of my very favorite safety features available today. OnStar is like adding peace of mind to the amenities list. I’m also quiet fond of the XM Satellite Radio that was installed in the Enclave. The Margaritaville channel became my must listen station, after all driving this luxury crossover was truly like a little vacation around town. It handled so well, and I think it may have the best suspension of any car I’ve ever driven.
Bruick Enclave-Interior
The kids were fond of the extra leg room, heated and air conditioned seats, and CD player and plugs that were available to hook up our gaming system. Buick’s SmartSlide technology gave the teens sitting in the third row you plenty of room to climb in and out. Moving the second row was a simple job only took a second with one free hand.

I’ve liked other cars that I’ve had the pleasure of test driving, but this has got to be my favorite. Getting out of the car without being in pain is a rare treat for me, and I never once had a problem driving this one. Buick strives to make the Enclave the “finest luxury crossover out there” and I think that they’ve done a pretty fantastic job. The spacious enclave was such a treat, and if we could buy another car today, this is the one that I would want.

Disclaimer: Buick lent me the Enclave for a week to see if I could really find a car with comfort. All opinions expressed here in are entirely my own. Your results and experience may vary.

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