Tuesday, June 26, 2012

“What Keeps You From Getting Your Best Night’s Sleep?”

Great bedWe’ve traveled a lot over the past year, and had a wonderful time on every single trip. I love hopping on a plane and flying off to parts unknown, or even places that I know very well like Walt Disney World.  As busy day of touring makes me a very happy camper and I love being on the go. However I have a secret that often leaves me cranky and exhausted while we’re out of town. What’s my secret? I often can’t sleep in hotel rooms.

Now, that may sound strange, especially because I love staying in hotels, especially ones of the caliber I’ve become accustom to.  I’m one of those people that make themselves at home, completely unpacking my bags and “moving in” for the week.   I love maid service, room service, soft, clean sheets with that slightly bleachy smell.  I love how the bed looks when we come back in the afternoon and it’s been turned down for the night, chocolates on the pillows and little notes wishing me a good nights sleep.  It doesn't matter if I'm on the concierge level of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, or in a Deluxe Family Room on board the Disney Dream, the problem is that the sleep part rarely comes the first night or even the second; leaving me exhausted and cranky during the day until I finally just pass out.

IMG_0066Maybe it’s just being in a strange place, but when I’m not in my own bed, I just have a horrible time. Every sound alerts me, every change in light I notice, there are never enough pillows to make me comfortable, and it’s simply not “my bed”. So what’s a travel loving girl to do? Vicks now has an answer… it’s called ZzQuil. It’s not for colds, not for pain, it’s just for sleep.

Zzquil is for occasional use when you’re having trouble getting that sound sleep your internal clock craves, like me in a hotel room. It contains a non-habit-forming sleep-aid (Diphenhydramine HCl 50 mg ) and helps you get some shut-eye, so you can wake up feeling refreshed. ZzzQuil comes in an OTC liquid with a warming berry flavor, but for on the road convenience that won’t get stopped going through TSA checkpoints, it also comes in a great liquicap. Want to give ZzzQuil a try yourself?
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Next time I’m on the road, you can be sure I’ll be packing ZzzQuil in my bag. DO you have trouble sleeping when you travel? What are your best tips for getting a good night’s rest so that you can tour even better in the morning!? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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