Thursday, August 30, 2012

One More Milestone Passed!

Art of ANimation Little Mermaid Room
Whoo hooo!!! My October trip is finally paid off!

This trip has been rough in coming, it was on, it was off, there were payment SNAFUs, miscommunications with my travel agent, and generally no joy at all associated with pulling things together. We’ve got 56 days and hopefully that will be just enough for me to get my attitude in the mood for Disney.

So, this is the first trip that I’ve planned since I joined DVC that we won’t be staying at a DVC Resort and man it sure seemed harder to me that it needed to be. I had forgotten many of the basics of making a Disney package reservation and I can honestly say that I think things are so much easier using my DVC. I obviously need to buy some more points. However that won’t be possible for quite awhile.

Moving forward I’m keeping my eyes open for any and all information about the Little Mermaid Wing at Disney’s Art of Animation, because that’s where we’ll be staying. It’s my first time at a value resort and I’m a little nervous. Will the room be cramped? Will the walls be thin? Will the beds be comfy? Will I still feel like I’m on vacation? I know I’ll miss room service and a snazzy pool, plush towels and a lounge. Having the right attitude will be important for the success of this trip. It’s going to be a big adventure!

Erik is my traveling companion for this adventure and we’re both working through it. He’ll be in the midst of an online college class, and I’m not taking any time off of work.  Thank the Disney gods that all of the resorts now have free WiFi because we’ll be using it heavily.  I'm down for business too and have a HUGE list of things that need to be accomplished.  There’s LOTS of research and photography for the blog to be done.  I’m still working from the cheap point and shoot camera though.   Hopefully I’ll be able to capture some wonderful images for you even without good equipment.   I keep entering to win every camera contest I see. I just don’t have any luck these days. A camera sponsor is also not forthcoming, I have tried. SO I’m just going to do my best with what I’ve got and hope that you don’t mind too much if the quality isn’t what it used to be.

In the coming month look for some packing, planning and organization posts as I try and get this ball rolling!

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