Sunday, June 2, 2013

4 Days Left - Packing Day

Today is packing day!  It's unusual for me to not be packed up before now, I've usually got a pretty good handle on packing about 3 weeks before the trip.  This time, I'm only 4 days ahead.  I'm more than a little panicky but have tried to convince myself that this is what normal, non-OCD travelers do. 


Yes, as late as I may be, I still have a handy dandy packing spreadsheet.  What you see above is my basic packing guide that helps me to coordinate what the family will be wearing.  We don't get matchy matchy, but I do try and make sure that we'll look nice in photos together.  Dressing for Disney in my house is all about the photos.  You can see how I create my spreadsheet in depth in this previous post.

We're driving this time, so we don't have to worry as much about fitting everything into one suitcase under 50 pounds.  The girls however have decided to bring enough pairs of shoes to open their own shoe store.  I think that there are 20 or more pairs of shoes going with us.  Yes, I'm serious, and it boggles the mind.  We've got tennis shoes, sandals/cute flats, flip flops for the pool and wedding shoes.  Someone please tell me that 4 pairs of shoes per person is not all that crazy.

I'm excited to get this project done because it puts us that much closer to hitting the road!

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