Friday, June 7, 2013

Great Wedding Road Trip Day 1

Happy Kids in the Car
The Kids Get Crazy Eyes While Gaming on the Road
The first leg of our road trip went well!  It was just a short one (4 hours) but it's been ages since we all traveled together like this.  So far, so good! 

So far I'm really happy with the rental from Enterprise, it drives nicely, everyone is comfy and there was plenty of room for all the luggage.  It's a 2012 Town & Country Mini-Van and the kids are being kept busy with it's duel screen DVD player that they can hook up the Nintendo to and play video games.  Notice the gaming controler in Katie's hand.  That's pretty much what they did the whole way.  On the agenda for tomorrow is a Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Marathon!

I'm also thrilled with our budget so far.  We're pinching pennies on this trip, and I only spent $45 total on lunch AND dinner for the 5 of us.  How?  We got sandwiches from a grocery store for lunch ($20), and stopped at Culvers for $4 snack pack meals for dinner ($23).  I think that the better value was absolutely the Culvers because we all got a big bacon cheeseburger fries and a drink.   I'm still on the tank of gas that I picked up the van with and have about 1/4 tank left. I can't decide if I think the EcoFuel feature is helping or not, but I have it turned on.

We stopped at a Comfort Suites Hotel that I had made a reservation at last month.  I got a pretty good deal by signing up for their rewards program and pre-paying.  It's fairly clean and well maintained.  We've got three beds in the room (which means that Kirk didn't have to sleep on the floor).  The kids took adventage of the indoor pool and sauna,  everyone enjoyed cookies in the lobby.  Free WiFi means that I was able to work and Geordon got his homework done.  Plus -- when we got to the hotel we discovered that they do breakfast in the morning. Score!!  We may try and find another Comfort Suites on Friday night. 

I'm hoping to make it as far as Valdosta, GA or maybe even Lake City, FL if my body cooperates.
Watch Twitter and Instagram for hashtag #GWRT for more of our adventure and I'll try to update again tonight!. 

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