Saturday, June 8, 2013

Great Wedding Road Trip Day 2

14 Hours in the car, but we made it to Valdosta, Georgia.  Here are the highlights:
  • Somebody, please introduce Kentucky to the idea of Rest Stops. 
  • I love Tennessee - Well at least driving through it.
  • Geordon bought a pecan log at Stuckeys - He made me pull off the expressway for this. 
  • Geordon did great driving through the mountains, they weren't as big as I remembered them being.
  • Tori saw big Southern Magnolia trees in bloom, very pretty. 
  • We hit Atlanta at 5pm on a Friday Afternoon --HA! Can you say traffic?
  • I had a melt down at a Starbucks and yelled at everyone.
  • We stopped at a gas station that set of the fraud alert on my credit card.
  • The roof of the rental car started leaking during a big thunderstorm, rain inside -- yay.
It was a looooong trip.  But the Drury Inn just off the exit in Valdosta is nice, super clean, and has soft comfy beds.  I slept.  Hoorah for sleep!

3 more hours to Disney!

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