Sunday, July 21, 2013

Power Leveling Mom Hack

This morning I dropped my girls off at a park that was having an Anime Convention.  And I use the term convention very loosely, it's more of an organized costume picnic, but they have really been looking forward to attending.  I however never planned on staying, so I let them to their own devices as far as planning went.  I made sure they got to the right place, and then headed to the Starbucks about 5 minutes down the road to get some work done.

As I drove away, I realized that they didn't have any food they knew they would eat (the plan was pot luck) or water, and the only reason they had chairs to sit in was because I keep two camp chairs and a blanket in the back of the van.  I hadn't been at Starbucks long, in fact I had *just* sat down and pulled out the laptop when they started texting me that they needed stuff.   You might have thought that they wanted food or water, but no - the camera batteries had died already.  Frustrated I sent back a message that they should have though of that yesterday - and - when I said I would be 5 minutes away that I meant in case of emergency.

They apologized, and like the sucker I am, I packed up and headed off to find a grocery store.  While at the store I bought a small cooler, their own water, food I know they would eat, wet wipes for the "gross" potties, and even their much desired batteries.  I discovered however that when trying to buy an ice pack for a cooler they don't generally come pre-frozen.  So trying to think fast I snagged a bag of frozen strawberries to do the job.  Hopefully they will "get it" that the strawberries are keeping everything else cool and not just a weird snack Mom stuck in the bag. 

Plus Health, Plus Experience, Power Leveling Mom Hack for the Win!

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