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Trip Report: Disney Day 3 Morning - Bekah's Wedding

After a long engagement, the big day was finally here.  My best friend's beautiful Disney Wedding. 
A little disclaimer right from the top here though.  This was a very long day so I'm going to split up the report into at least two (maybe three) different posts. Also if the picture you're looking at is beautiful and amazing with perfect lighting - Randy Chapman took it.  If it's just ok, either I took it or Katie took it.

I woke up early (around 4:30am) to hop in the shower and pull some last minute things together.  Since I had the two bedroom suite I had volunteered the room for Becks, and her sister Catey to come to get ready in.   As spread out as we were, I  can't imagine what it would have been like in a standard hotel room.  Having the living room in the Villa made everything run so smoothly.

Hair and make-up arrived first.  Becks had booked a team from Beaute Speciale to do hair and make-up for us.   Laine and Jenny arrived about 5:30 bright eyed and cheerful, they were amazing.  If you ever need services like this in Orlando, call them!  All three of us that they spiffied up looked amazing.  Becks was absolutely radiant.  I'm not generally fond of mirrors, but even I thought that I looked great.  Somehow Laine even gave height and fullness to my fine thinning hair, it was like a little wedding day miracle gift Becks gave me.



Over the next several hours we were primped and pampered.  I had breakfast delivered by Earl of Sandwich, and popped open a bottle of champagne for Mimosas.  The time flew by.  Before long the rest of my family was up and getting ready, and then the photographer came.  Randy Chapman was who Becks has chosen, and once again - great choice.  I was very impressed with his professionalism, plus he was funny and charming, and even took pictures and made jokes about my printed schedule.

R,C0653 6-10-2013

Yes!  Of course I had a spreadsheet just for the wedding morning.  How else was I supposed to keep everyone moving on schedule and get us all out the door so my girl could get her wedding on?  No matter what he may tell you - there was not a copy in the lobby. 

The last vendor to get to the room was the florist, as Becks had ordered some additional floral from a third party, I can't remember their name though. There was a bit of a hic-up there, but nothing we couldn't deal with and I ran down to the main lobby with Katie to grab the flowers and bring them back to the room. The flowers were absolutely amazing and Becks had even gotten feathers in them! Yay! I loved the feathery surprise.  I guess I had made a comment when we were looking at the florists website online about how cool a bouquet with feathers was, and so she added them.  I swear it was my honor to stand up from the start - but she was *so* awesome - she made being her bridesmaid super special.

Bridesmaid Floral

Geordon and the kids headed off to Disney's Wedding Pavilion. Kirk cleans up so nice.

R,C0561 6-10-2013

Next Catey helped Becks into her gown - and I cried. She looked so beautiful, and I was so overwhelmed with joy for her. I tucked a handkerchief into the pocket of my dress. Oh! When you're looking at these pictures, check out that veil. Sewing GODDESS Beck handmade it and embellished the whole thing - it's way quality and a totally amazing heirloom.

R,C0625 6-10-2013

R,C0666 6-10-2013

Shortly after that we were out the door a few minutes early and Randy had time to get some wedding shots in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge before us girls climbed into the limo. Doesn't Becks look amazing?  And look!  I had great hair!

R,C0064 6-10-2013

R,C0742 6-10-2013



The trip over in the limo was quick, and sentimental. Becks had some beautiful heartfelt words for her sister and I and it was all we could do not to bawl. Thank goodness the make-up artists had put a fixer on our faces so that the make-up wouldn't budge. I can't remember what the name of it was - but I really wish that I had some here at home.

Disney made sure that all the guests were seated and in the chapel before we were allowed to get out of the Limo.  They don't want to risk anyone seeing the bride who isn't supposed to, it's a wonderful attention to detail.  We got out of the car and made our way to the small ready room where Becks was able to have them bring her mother and grandmother to talk to for a minute, and to touch base with the officiant.  Don't ask me what the rest of the guests or the groom was doing at this point, I have no clue. From the look on Katie's face, there may have been some mischief involved.


I'm a control freak - what - like you didn't know that? And it can be hard for me to let go of wrangling my family or not looking at the clock every couple of minutes to make sure whatever is supposed to be happening should be. Once we stepped out of the limo though I knew that I could put my trust in the Disney team to have everything handled, and they did.

Before we knew it - the groom had taken his place and it was time to head down the aisle.




The ceremony was lovely the officiant wasn't long winded and seemed to keep things moving along - Catey read a poem - I offered a blessing. I must admit I was super nervous that my voice wouldn't fill the room or that I would speak too quickly. Or heaven forbid my fibro-brain would kick in and the words wouldn't come out in the right order leaving everyone sitting there scratching their heads at my jibberish. That didn't happen though, and even though I stumbled a couple of times I got through the (kinda long) blessing successfully.


Then suddenly they were married! And this wonderful family was "official." They've always been the most amazing family, together for seven years, it's nice though to have the little piece of paper and the beautiful, nay, magical moments to confirm it.

Kiss me darling!

R,C0381 6-10-2013

Then typical after ceremony stuff happened.  Fast forward ... no really ... just fast forward to the stunning Whitehall Patio at the Grand Floridian Resort!

The lovely ladies from Disney loaded us into Limos once again and shuttled us over to the reception. It was cake and cider time whoo hooooo! Everything was beautiful and I was so happy with how a couple little surprise details that I had been in cahoots with Disney with went.  See that look on the Bride's face in the next picture?   From here on out that look is called "cake face" and it's a moment that I will never ever ever forget.

R,C1109 6-10-2013

There was music, and bubbly, dancing and laughing and socializing and the eating of delicious awesome too good to be true cake.

Many members of Becks' and Carlos' family then headed over to the Polynesian for a delicious wedding lunch via Limos.  But really... this was a Disney Wedding, why would anyone want to travel to the next destination in any way other than this!?

Oooooh yaaa baby... you know it... it was monorail time.

R,C1347 6-10-2013

R,C1358 6-10-2013


At the Polynesian we took over one side of the Kona Cafe were we feasted on sushi, noodles, and drank Lapu Lapus. 






At one point I had a brainstorm and disappeared from the party.  You see - I tend to know where they keep the Pixie Dust and thought that I could make just a little bit of extra magic with Disney's help.   I was right, and I returned with armfuls of brightly colored silk leis for everyone in our party, and real floral leis for the Bride and Groom.  It was a fantastic finish to a fantastic Disney Wedding.


I truly hope that when my kids time comes to get married that they consider having a Disney Wedding.  Every single aspect of the day was just fantastic, and I know that my family had a spectacular time as guests.  I was a fan before - but after having experienced this I just can not say enough good things.  The best part however, was the simplest, and that was to see the love and joy beaming from Bekah and Carlos.

Up next time in the trip report ... what we did after the wedding festivities were all over.

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To see many more beautiful and stunning pictures of Becks' wedding by the phenomenal Randy Chapman please visit her Flickr page.

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