Friday, November 1, 2013

'Dog With A Blog' is a Fun Family Hit - Only On The Disney Channel

I know that you love blogs – after all you’re reading mine!  But did you know that there’s a ‘Dog With A Blog’?  Oh yes there is!  His name is Stan, and not only does he have his own blog, but he’s the star of his very own show on the Disney Channel.  
Currently in it’s second season, this Friday night hit is fun for the whole family.  Be sure to watch tonight’s brand new episode of ‘Dog With a Blog’ is a big one because older brother Tyler (played by teen heart throb Blake Michael) gets a job working on a food truck!  To make the new job more perfect, things get even better when he hits it off with the cute and cool Emily, unfortunately, she's the boss’ niece!  
Will hearts break across the country tonight if Tyler gets a girlfriend?    Tyler Gets a Grillfriend” airs on Friday, November 1 at 8:30pm ET/PT only on The Disney Channel!

The Disney Channel is a staple in our house, with its 24-hour kid-friendly shows that are clever enough to hold the attention of the grown ups too.   Even though my kids are getting older I can honestly say that we’re still watching the Disney Channel on a daily basis.   Fun family programing like ‘Dog with a Blog’ is just one reason we continue to be a Disney Family.

And if you want to read Stan’s Blog – you and your kids can find it at SeeStanBlog.com!  There you’ll find tips and advice from everyone’s favorite furry fellow, fun games, full video episodes and information abut the show.   

Go check it out – and tell Stan that The DVCMom sent you!

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