Friday, September 13, 2013

Trip Report Disney Day 4 Included Lots of Sleep

The trip was beginning to wind down.  It had been a crazy, fun, and eventful trip so far - Day 4 was dedicated to pure vacation.  I would love to say that we packed it full, but honestly my exhausted crew was all about relaxation.  Every one of us slept in, and didn't care.  Rope drop was just not one of those events that was happening on this trip.  The kids woke up and headed off first - ahhh youth.  Today would be a Magic Kingdom day, and they decided that it would best be spent playing Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom and met some Princesses. 


I hear that Rapunzel tried to set Kirk up with Cinderella's Step Sisters. Yea - wise boy chose to pass on that hook up,  we don't need any more drama in the family.  I've decided that Princesses need more friends who are not animals or headcases.



Well would you look at that - Tori's tiara is a big as Aurora's.

Geordon and I didn't make it to Magic Kingdom until Noon.  It hadn't rained yet, but the skies were getting dark and gloomy.  We headed down Main Street USA and I stopped at the Castle to take some pictures of the Dream Along with Mickey.  I hadn't stopped to watch it for years, so I was pretty excited to stop and watch for awhile.




I must admit though that I was pretty creeped out by the Captain Hook costume. The partial face mask was just plain weird. I'm sure that they did it so that he would look more real and have more expressions to match the other new characters with moving features, but it was really disturbing to me.


After the show finished I met Geordon at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments where we were scheduled to a meet-up with a friend for nummy Nutella Waffles.  Kirk and Katie joined us, but Tori was busy shopping on Main Street.  We weren't there long before the skies opened up and the whole area flooded in a way I can't even verbalize.

No... really... it was crazy.  I snapped this picture to my Instagram of the table we had been sitting at, as it turned into a new "water feature."  The worst part was that there was nowhere we could really escape to, it was some of the heaviest rain I've ever encountered.  Even standing under the pergola for shelter we had to keep our ponchos on and the water on the ground was swirling around our feet

Eventually it lightened up a bit and we were able to make a run for it.  I needed to hit the first aid station for a quick stop.   Then Geordon and I wandered around a bit as I took more pictures, and the kids went back off to do their own thing.  We explored Storybook Circus, New Fantasyland and a little bit of Tomorrowland.  I think you can really see on my face how tired I was by this point in the trip.  This was one of those vacations that you came home needed a vacation from.




After riding the Peoplemover Geordon and I  headed back to the Wilderness Lodge. We had dinner plans with friends who live in Orlando and I really needed a nap. We hopped a boat back to the hotel.  I absolutely adored being just a boat ride away from Wilderness Lodge, everyone ran back and forth on that boat several times during the trip.  The boat also gave me a chance to get some camera angles that I don't usually get.

I love that feeling of being so close to everything and with our home resort being Animal Kingdom Lodge, I don't often have it when in Disney World. Don't get me wrong, I love Animal Kingdom Lodge, but I would really like to be able to add on points at Bay Lake Tower or Grand Floridian.  That's not going to be happening any time soon. 


After my nap Geordon and I got ready to head back out for the night.  We were having dinner at The Wave with our dear friends John and Sarah.  The food was good and atmosphere was really calming, which I needed after such a busy trip. The menu is largely sustainable seafood, with quite a bit of seasonal and local fare.  It's really good, there just isn't a lot that I eat there, I don't do seafood, or duck, or lamb which left me with the steak.   Let's just say that you could tell that steak is not what they do best. Luckily the company was amazing and I was having a fantastic time!

Everyone split an app platter


Geordon's Lamb, looked great and he said it was AMAZING


Whatever it was John was eating...LOL


My hands were not working well by this point, because my fibromyalgia had begun to take its toll.  I spilt half my drink down my dress when the glass just plain fell out of my hand as I went to take a drink.   I recovered the glass fairly quickly, but I was absolutely mortified.  John and Sarah are always so kind even when my fibro is making me less than sparkling company.  They are two of the most gracious people I know and I'm so happy to call them friend. 

After entrees we headed over to Bay Lake Tower to the Top of the World Lounge for cake, cocktails and fireworks!  Top of the World Lounge is by far my favorite spot for a drink and fireworks in Disney.  I absolutely love the mid-century modern design, the dim lighting after dark, the jazzy music, and the view can simply not be beat.  I never spend as much time as there as I wish I could.  On of these days I'll be able to snag a Bay Lake Tower room and finish of every night on Top of the World.




My girls were on their way to meet up, but Katie had gotten lost at Wilderness Lodge and couldn't get ahold of me.  Tori was on the way to rescue her.  The plan was that they would get to Top of the World before fireworks but they didn't make it. Instead they watched from the Main Street Train Station because Wishes had started while they were on the boat. Eventually they made their way to the lounge to share in some delicious cake.  Mmmmmm.... cake.



Around midnight we parted ways, it had been such a lovely night, but I had to think about the next morning, when we would have to return back to reality...

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Live Tonight! Follow Our Adventure at Disney On Ice '100 Years of Magic'

I'm tossing the family back into the car tonight and we're headed to Chicago to see Disney on Ice '100 Years of Magic' at the United Center.  Because I'm a Feld Family Ambassador, we received complimentary tickets to the show, and I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with Mickey and Minnie.  We can't wait to meet up with our contest winners, and my best friend Becks while we're there as well!  It should be a fun filled night of Disney delight.  I'll be tweeting pictures through my Instagram throughout the night - so follow along and let us know what you like!

Follow along with our adventure 
Wednesday 9/11 after 6pm CDT

on instagram at 

and on Twitter
or search for #ChiDisneyOnIce
Tonight's not the only Chicago show - so if you want to bring your family along you still have time!  If you like what you see, be cure to order your tickets here.  Disney on Ice '100 Years of Magic' is running September 11-15, 2013 and you can order your tickets at this link.  Use Promo Code "MOM" when ordering your tickets and Save 40% on all weekday shows and 20% on all weekend shows. 
Disclaimer: Weekday is defined as any show Monday through Thursday or Friday matinee, not including holidays such as the day after Thanksgiving. Discount does not apply to Circus Celebrity, Front Row, or VIP seats. No double discounts. Service charges, handling, and facility fees may apply. 


Monday, September 9, 2013

PicMonkey Monday: Spilled Pixie Dust

Today's PicMonkey Monday is highlighting with some more subtle editing than my previous two.  This walkway at Epcot lights up at night with what I always call "spilled pixie dust."  It's fun and creative, and always get the attention of young and old alike who walk by.  However I've always found it a challenge to photograph. 

Before - Not too shabby to begin with. I always have a hard time getting a good picture of this sidewalk but using the DSLR really improved what I walked away with.  The ground was wet so it had a nice shimmer to begin with that really helped.  The colored lights reflecting down from something neon gave some additional interest.

Pixie Dust Before Edit

After - Just a little color saturation, bokeh, and a soft edge makes this one of my new favorites!  I've been thinking about making it my new desktop wallpaper.  The color saturation reminds me of one of my favorite Disney photographer's images. Though I'm sure he would have done it without the addition of a dreamy sparkle.

Spilled Pixie Dust

Which do you like better?  Before or after? 

Are you enjoying the before & after shots?  Should I keep it up?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - September Calendar Shot

Spooky Main Street USA

September brings out the haunted happenings at Walt Disney World as the veil grows thin and the Vilains try to take over the night at the Magic Kingdom.  My September Calendar shot celebrates Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and the beginning of Disney's Fall Festivities!

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