Monday, December 23, 2013

Disney Classics CD Collection Brings The Magic Home

As soon as I saw this box set of classic Disney music, I knew that it would be the perfect gift for my oldest daughter Tori.  Since the moment our complimentary copy arrived on the doorstep she's listen to it non-stop.   So who better to offer our readers a review!?  Take it away Tori!
Growing up I've always had Disney around to help me along, and the music from the movies, parks, and TV shows are something that can bring a smile to my face even now. Now while I'm sure I could come up with some touching moment involving me, a family member, and Disney music if you gave me some time to think, honestly my favorite thing is those short little spurts of silliness that Disney music can inspire at the most random times, whether the actual music is playing or not. Moments that will even sometimes get the grumpiest, or most reluctant members of the family to participate.

The new Disney Classics CD Set is so jam packed with the wonderful music of Disney that they couldn't just fit it in one CD, they needed four in order to include all their choices. With individual CDs for Timeless, Modern, Television, and Theme Park Classics there's classic Disney music in this set for just about everyone in the family. Oh yeah, and you also get a free download code for a new acapella medley of Disney songs by the YouTube sensations Alex G and Peter Hollens. You can also check out the song on YouTube, and watch their epic music video for it as well, or buy the song on iTunes, or amazon.

My two personal favorite CD collections are the Modern Classics, and the Television Classics. The Disney Modern Classics has songs from almost every Disney movie that I grew up watching, like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Toy Story to name just a few. The Disney Television Classics have the theme songs from all my favorite Disney TV Shows growing up.

With favorite songs for just about everyone in the family it’s hard to go wrong with this CD set, and  honestly, who doesn't want to bring a bit of Disney magic home with them?  You can order a copy from Amazon today.