Friday, April 25, 2014

Disney Junior's Genevieve Goings To Release First Solo Album

Genevieve  Goings is launching a new album and we here at The DVC Mom's Traveler were sent the single of "My Telephone Number is" to review.  As an influencer with Entertainment New Media Network we'll recieve compensation for this post but as always thoughts and opinions are always our own.  Self described "fun parent" Erik got to work to find out just what the number is.

Genevieve has been entertaining and teaching children on the Disney Junior Network for the past ten years. She started as the upbeat, perky and fun loving conductor on the Disney show; “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve” singing wonderful remakes of classic Disney songs while also teaching toddlers those important fundamentals that they will need as they take their first steps into the world. She has also voice many of the ‘learning bumps’ that appear between shows and during commercials, to continue the positive learning experience for young kids and their parents.

Taking her next big step, Genevieve is ready to put out her first solo album “Do You Know?”  with the same sense of positive learning and upbeat musical songs that will have both children (ages 2-7) and their parents dancing, singing, and learning together. The first song, off her new album, “My Telephone Number Is”  is a bright and upbeat track that helps young children learn their telephone number by placing their phone numbers in a fun musical beat that anyone can do. “My Telephone Number Is”  is currently being offered on iTunes and you can watch the video right here!

For parents and children to get a taste of Genevieve’s positive style and obvious passion to teach and entertain children.  Other songs on Genevieve’s first album, “Do You Know?”, will focus on many of those important things that preschoolers will need to know as they go out into the great, big beautiful world like telling time and knowing their phone numbers but will also showcase some of the more personal aspects of growing up like potty training and one’s hygiene. This album will be a mix of great songs and fun videos to delight children during this important stage of learning in a way that talk’s to them without talking down to them.

GG2With pre-orders for this first, inspiring album coming in early May (with the release date scheduled for June 3rd 2014), several great bonuses have been created to go along with the launch. Genevieve has a great app in the iTunes store that showcases many of her songs for toddlers and preschoolers called “Sing with Genevieve”. This free app can be downloaded from the iTunes store here.

Another wonderful bonus is that parents who pre-order this positive and enjoyable album, “Do You Know?” will also receive the second track called “Gotta Do My Business” instantly and free.

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