Saturday, October 25, 2014

Holiday Cards From Minted.com Help Share Your Family Adventures

Happy Holidays!  I know, I know… you think it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas cards but the winter holidays are really just right around the corner.  If you enjoy sending out a custom greeting to friends and loved ones, now is the best time to start planning.   I love the current trend of using holiday cards to share family vacation photos, and have ordered from many online printers over the years.  However, the one I go back to time and again for the most unique designs and highest quality paper products is beyond a doubt Minted.com.

I discovered Minted back in 2011 when I was looking for bridal shower invitations, and I’ve been a customer ever since. Minted’s revolutionary model crowd-sources design and art from independent designers around the world, then sells their best designs as fine stationery products, wall art, and home décor for the holidays, and many celebratory occasions. There’s always something fresh and new arriving in their store that can be even further personalized to create a special product just for you.
Minted offers hundreds of beautiful and unique card designs that can be easily searched through on their website.  Just check the boxes and their smart store will narrow down your choices by number of photos, format, or printing type.  If you turn on the “find it fast” button, it will even insert your personal photos into the previews.

Many families go for the traditional single shot of everybody on their holiday cards, and that’s nice, but as the family photographer I can tell you that it’s not always easy to get everyone together for one great picture.  Minted however offers a wide range of designs that can use multiple photos to help share adventures and whole family having fun.  Minted cards are a great way to share the highlights of your Disney vacation!  Yes, with multiple photos used to complete a design, even the family photographer can make it on these cards.

Once you’ve selected the design you like best, Minted’s website will walk you step by step through their customization process.  You can add in your photos and customize the text of your card, pick from several color schemes, chose a card shape, and even use all the space available by making the back of the cards personal too.  I love all the different options that Minted has to create a truly custom product.  Interior and backer upgrades often include a photo collage options so that you can share special moments from throughout your year.

Hand addressing all those envelopes can be a pain, literally!  So this year I’m taking advantage of Minted Envelopes too.  Users can easily upload an .xls file of their Holiday Card address list to the Minted website, and Minted will do the all heavy lifting.  This year there are 30 special holiday envelope designs being featured that you can chose from (note not all styles available with all cards).  Just match a beautiful envelope and address design and the outside of your card becomes just as special as the inside


Oh hey - The FTC says that I need to let you all know that this has been a “sponsored post,” and Minted compensated me with a store credit.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I’m a true fan of this company and it’s my honor to spread the word. 

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