Thursday, January 15, 2015

Indulging My Disney Side With Planning

It's just 5 more weeks until some of my family and I will be headed off for another fantastic Disney Destination. Sadly, everyone is not coming along, and not everyone gets to be there for the entire length of time.  When you have a large, older family it can be really difficult to get everyone's schedule to match up for any sort of trip.  It's also really hard to leave people behind holding down the fort, but at the same time there's always a peace of mind that things won't go too haywire while I'm gone.

I've been working on getting all the details together and finishing up our overall spreadsheet.  ~ You can take a peek at it below. ~  The packing lists, budget, and work research lists are all about done too.  We've made FastPass+ reservations for attractions and I think I hate doing that already.  I've never been a big FastPass user, and don't often have a pre-set touring plan in the Parks.  Having to schedule them like this is awkward for me, I've never worried about how much time I need to do any specific thing before. 

I have, however, been checking the Be Our Guest Lunch website religiously hoping to be able to snag a lunch reservation there.  I really, really want to eat there and because we missed the 180 day reservation point I wasn't able to schedule dinner.  Right now we're scheduled for lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern, but if I can get Be Our Guest that will certainly change.  Everyone keeps telling me that the 27 day mark is when BOG should open up.  That's on 1/23 for us, fingers crossed and I'll let you all know if we get in.

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