Wednesday, February 4, 2015

15 Days Til Disney Countdown Calendar

15 Day Disney Countdown
Time is getting short and we're almost on our way to Walt Disney World!  I found this cute preschool countdown list from Disney, but below is a little more what my personal routine will look like. With a great pre-travel checklist and a little organization you can check off those last minute tasks a few at a time with no sweat at all.

10-14 Days Out: Confirm Plans, See Your Doctor

Confirm all of your travel reservations are in place and nothing has changed.  Take this time to go over your Advance Dining Reservations and be sure that they still match up with your travel plans and party. Add any celebrations or notate any dietary restrictions as needed.  If you have any health conditions that make travel difficult be sure you get in to your doctor and discuss your travel needs. 

7-10 Days Out: Documents, Shipping & Cell Phone

Be sure that you have made copies of all important documents for your trip.  You'll need to have your confirmation numbers, copies of medical cards, identification, and insurance.  Now is also the time to ship any packages you want to send ahead to your destination.  Be sure that your name and arrival dates are clearly marked.  If you'll be cruising or leaving the country, now is the time to make sure that you understand your international cell phone service,  call your provider for details.

5-7 Days Out: Check Medications, Pick Up Last Minute Necessities

Just because you're headed out on vacation doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of yourself.  Be sure you have a ready supply of any prescription medications that you take.  Since 2010 (when we all got sick in Disney) I also make sure that I have over-the-counter staples packed too.  Tylenol, Advil, and some Cold medicines are usually available at your resort hotel, however the packages only have one or two doses and the price is much higher than if you just brought it along.  If you're prepared the touring doesn't have to stop.

3-5 Days Out: Get It In The Suitcase

I'm usually packed for myself sooner than this (I start gathering my own things up about 30 days out) but 3-5 days before we leave is when I remind the rest of the family that they need to have their clothing approved, washed and in the bags ready to travel.  The last thing that we pack up are toiletries and the electronics.

2-3 Days Out: Take Care Of The Homefront

We never leave the house empty (seriously I can count on one hand times no one has been home in the past 6 years) so Erik and the dogs will hold down the fort during this trip.  I like to leave whoever is staying home with a full fridge and no bills to worry about.  If you do leave your home vacant while traveling this is a good time to have your mail stopped and touch base with whoever is picking up your paper and packages, or taking care of the lawn.

1-2 Days Out: Relax & Refresh

Even though it's fun, travel can be exhausting.  Take a couple of days before you leave to recharge your batteries.  I like to get my hair cut or have a manicure to help me relax after the crazy pre-vacation days. Stay home at night, order in dinner, now is the perfect time to sneak those Disney movies into your busy schedule.



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