Friday, February 13, 2015

6 More Sleeps Will Go Quickly

6 more sleeps! I feel like I have *so* much to do, it's going to go by quickly. I need to alter some clothes for the girls, have a ton of work to get done, laundry then packing, Katie needs her hair done, Kirk needs to go shoe shopping, groceries shopping for the part of the family staying behind; before I know it we'll be leaving for the airport!

The 10 day forecast is out for the WDW portion of the trip and looks lovely to me. I'll need to bring an extra light jacket, and I'm no longer worried about the long sleeves on a couple of shirts I was packing. I can't wait! I need this trip so badly, for so many reasons. I've got a crazy amount of photography an research I need to cram into a teeny tiny amount of time. But - when my office for the week is Walt Disney World, there's no complaining allowed!

P.S.  If any of the regular suspects want to meet up - I'll be at Top of the World for the Fireworks on Friday night!

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