Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just 2 More Sleeps

2 sleeps left and I've got much more to do than I want to admit. I've been very bad at getting things done early for this trip.  I've been crazy busy, pushing my limits, and quite honestly I haven't even packed yet. I did however get my laundry done, so packing is on today's to do list right after the couple of sewing projects that I have to finish up.

When we leave Rockford it will be 4°F.  While I have some serious guilt about leaving Eric behind at home my self preservation is making it difficult for me to feel bad about heading for warmer climates.  The cold has been killer on my Fibromyalgia, every time I walk out the door the cold hits my skin and I instantly get a migraine. It sucks and the fact that warmer weather is in my near future is the most joyous thing of all.

My health has not been great the past few weeks and I'm happy that I made the choice to rent a scooter for this trip. We have a ton of firsts happening on this trip, so with luck I'll have plenty to write about when I return. 
  • 1st time flying out of Milwaukee
  • 1st time taking my family to Hoop-dee-doo with the new show
  • 1st time eating at Be Our Guest
  • 1st Time eating at Raglan Road
  • 1st time on a cruise for Tori
  • 1st time with a Magic Porthole
  • 1st time with my new camera
  • 1st time trying the DTD Food Trucks
  • 1st time at Animal Kingdom for Geordon
  • 1st time meeting talking Mickey Mouse
  • 1st time with Memory Maker
  • 1st time with Magic Bands
  • 1st time with the new DAS card
  • 1st time seeing the new Polynesian Lobby
  • 1st time going one the Winnie The Pooh Ride
  • 1st time going on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
It all happens in just 2 more sleeps!

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