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The DVC Mom Guide for Drinking features all of our best beverage posts gathered in one easy place for you to find again and again.  Here you can revisit our beer, wine & cocktail loving escapades, as well as find our reviews of drinks that we enjoy.

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Printflipflop Wines - Meet this great new wine company that believes that there's a wine for everyone and that giving back is important. We highlighted two of thier wines with a flipflop Riesling Review, and a review of the flipflop Pinot Noir.

RA_AE_100Wine Spectator's 2011 Restaurant Wine List Awards was published in it's August issue and has a strong showing from many Disney Resort eateries. With three levels in it's program the magazine identifies restaurants that put forth substantial effort to highlight their wines as well as food.  Several of Disney's Signature dining experiences have been bestowed the Award of Excellence.

2009 Jam Jar Shiraz
2009 Jam Jar Shiraz - (like jazz) is a fresh, fruity, semi-sweet red wine that fills the gap between those deep tannic reds that my husband likes and cloying dessert like reds that I'm fonder of.  The grapes are grown inPaarl Region of South Africa, where it's Rhône-like climate is ideal for cultivation of the Shiraz grape.

Program for the night. 
Toast of the Town Chicago -  My husband and I have a passion for food and wine that we like to indulge all year long, however this year we made a special trip into Chicago for Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s annual Toast of the Town Gala.   Benefiting the Field Museum of Natural History, Toast of the Town gathers together winemakers from around the world, and 35 of Chicago’s top restaurants, mixes them together with the sounds of a live jazz band and pours on the fun.

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I have a strong belief that there is a wine out there for everyone, and just because it may be inexpensive doesn't mean it's "cheap".   So many people believe that wine is a snobby affair, but I have a strong desire to connect delicious wines with great people to enjoy in their everyday life.  The sommelier at Jiko told me that Walt Disney World is the largest purveyor of wine in the world.  That makes it a fantastic place to sip your way through a wide variety of taste.  Many of the wines reviewed here in Mom's Traveler can be found when you're touring, be adventurous and give one a try!

Beverage Disclaimer: All alchohol reviewed on this blog has been consumed by and tasted entirely by persons over the age of 21. This information is intended for those of legal drinking age, and is for entertainment purposes only. The author advocates moderation and caution when drinking and no posts are in any way intended to promote binge-drinking, alcoholism, underage drinking, hazing, drunk driving, or any other form of alcohol abuse.